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RESULTS now available for STAR CHAMPIONSHIPS 10th August 2014

All Star Championship
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WA State Dance Medalist Pageant 30th November 2014

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Metropolitan Championship
Spring Championship
Fremantle Championship

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Fremantle Championship  31st August 2014

SCREED        Fremantle Championship Dancesport Entry Form

Fremantle Recreational Individual Competition Entry Form

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Dance Masters International Association was founded in 1962 and caters for children, adults and seniors.

The association has an excellent syllabi for practical and theory examinations in a variety of dance styles for amateur and professional candidates.

D.M.I.A. also promotes and organises Pageants, Competitions and Championships for Medallists, Dancesport and and all styles of Theatrical dancing.

DMIA studio principals are fully qualified and offer lessons and classes for all types of social dancing for all ages. for a Bridal Dance routine, Rock n Roll, Salsa, Mambo and all couple dances. Contact your nearest DMIA studio now.
Start dancing now ! It's great fun. Check links above for all information.


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