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DMIA Star Championship 10th August 2014
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Closing Date: 25th July 2014     Venue: South Perth Civic Centre


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Conditions of Entry: By lodging an entry with the organiser represents a commitment to compete. Under the Rules of DanceSport, competitors are required to advise organisers if they are subsequently unable to compete. It is a condition of entry that all couples abide by the rules of DanceSport Australia.


In the event of television coverage or production of a Video Recording for commercial purposes of any event, all competitors agree that the rights to all fees from such recordings will vest with the organisers, including any still photographs or digital images taken during the event, that can and may be used for commercial purposes, either in advertising or on relevant websites to promote our sport.

For inquiries regarding this Entry Form. Contact: The Secretary's email or Mob:0434 930 885.


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